Finished, shipping Monday, I think

29 Dec

Hello Richard

Hope your Christmas was joyful. Thank you for all the pictures of the progress on the Newel post. I have spoken to Brooke today concerning the finished product and we both were expecting the capital to be the same circumference as the round portions of the newel post body. In the sketch you provided us on November 11th 2013 the proposed capital appears to be without the smaller cap at the top. I think a cap is fine if you can fashion one as wide as the bottom part that marries to the proposed handrail, and keep it low profile. Looking for something you could comfortably rest your hand on. Maybe cut the neck off the current cap and take layered top and make it same circumference as base of capital would be of interest.



From: Richard Swartwout []
Sent: Friday, December 26, 2014 3:52 PM
To: Facebook Email; Newt Blog; Newt; Brooke Satterwhite; Robert Hall
Subject: Finished, shipping Monday, I think


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