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Baluster project ..

28 May

…is now complete.


Clean up time soon..

23 May

..after fabricating some 200 Balusters in African mahogany & Alaskan yellow cedar.

Production piece finished

18 May

The finished ‘traced’ piece, with the template in the background…1 down, 99 to go…

On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 10:25 AM, Richard Swartwout <ahrgees06232> wrote:

…1 down, 99 to go

tracing the production piece

18 May

Using the tracer to lathe to now follow the template shape to produce a finished product, with a little hand work help along the way…

Template mount close up

18 May

Closer look at the template clamped to the back bar…

Template mounted

18 May

The hand turned template, clamped as a template on the lathe back bar… with a hnd rough-out blank ready to use the tracer…

AYC template …

18 May

After hand turning a replica of the desired baluster, to use as a template… I trim it on the band saw so that it will fit on the lathe back bar…