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28 March, 2012 13:13

28 Mar

A gathering of ‘naked’ candlesticks before the stain and finish was applied…I use a n oil based stain, perhaps one or two coats…followed by 2-3 coats of the special ‘shop finish’…only one application a day, so, it may take 4-6 days to put a finish on these…


Walnut bed stretcher

27 Mar

So, remember that fluted bed post collection from a couple of pics ago.. well here is the foot board stretcher, in Walnut…some 6′ long for a King Size bed

27 March, 2012 21:42

27 Mar

More shapes of balusters that hang on the shop wall….

27 March, 2012 21:41

27 Mar

Newt designed, 3 to a stair tread, baluster set….pretty nice, done in mahogany…the finished stair may show up in later photos…

Bed post finial

27 Mar

Interesting story this… apparently Grandmother got tired of making the bed and having to walk around the posts throwing the sheets and blankets on the bed, so she cut off the posts on the foot posts of the bed… this is one of two replacements made to try to get the bed back to original… you just gotta’ love it…!

27 March, 2012 21:36

27 Mar

The complete set of four Walnut Bed Posts…wait til’ you see the stretcher…

fluted bed post

27 Mar

A fluted bed post, in Walnut, for a private collection. The client, a business man by day, and a woodworker by weekend, now has a collection of some 5 beds, made by him, for his children…with more coming (beds I mean)… ‘Newt’ is honored to be doing the turning for him.