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Good day America, the joy of the day to you…

12 Feb

This is Richard, and you have reached a blog about the woodturning business, or more particularly, my woodturning business.  I hope to be able to share with you the triumphs, successes and failures of the day to day operation of a small woodturning shop, here in New England.

This shop, a one man operation most of the time, fabricates specialty turnings for the trade.  These include architect designed items including, stair parts (balusters, newels), columns, architectural details and accouterments, for interior/exterior and residential/commercial use.

I also manufacture a series  of  small production runs of Candlesticks, Hourglasses, Walking Sticks and Kitchen Utencils.  I do this when the demand for production items for industry runs a bit slow.

I also hope to be able to post pictures of on-going projects in the shop, when I learn how to do that…perhaps a bit later today.

I hope all of this will be of some interest to some of you… we can have a vigorous dialogue about the disappearing art of turning wood by hand, and the travails of a small production shop.

I do not consider myself an artist, others sometimes do.  I do consider myself an artisan, a fabricator, a maker of items no longer available to the consumer at over-the-counter outlets, like local lumber yards the national chains of home improvement stores.  If you need replacement balusters for your older home, to match originals, I can help.  If you want something just a bit different, I can help.

I have sold to just about every state in the Union, we can ship just about anything you need via package delivery or truck delivery.  After more than 30 years in the business, I can either make for you, or supply  for you,  almost any turning need, from chess pieces to Church columns, from bed posts to balusters, from Base Ball Bats to Spurtles (???…grins) and more…do check in from time to time, this should be some fun.  Hopefully pictures and videos will be forth coming.

You can check out my web site at for a pretty good collection of project pictures and work in process photos, as well as an on-line catalog of Shapes and Ideas.  The catalog id ripe with Victorian period turning drawings.  There is nothing on the shelf, everything is made-to-order for your particular need.

I do have some videos posted at YouTube…search for New England Woodturners, thanks for your time…


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12 Feb

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